Workshops & Webinars

Career Coaching from a Hiring Manager’s Perspective

Experience momentum in your job search!  These workshops and webinars have been thoughtfully designed to accelerate your progress in discovering what you really want in your career or next job and helping you to get there.  It is recommended to take them in succession, as the course content supports each one.  Take them one at a time, in person or online at your own pace – or build momentum in Sheila’s Job Search Boot Camp workshop series or online webinar course.  If you are interested in a workshop or webinar that is not yet available, contact Sheila at



Career Portfolios & Self- Discovery

What do you bring to the table?


  • Review and evaluate what makes up your Career Portfolio.
  • Identify key work experiences that give shape to your professional life.  
  • Complete self-discovery assessments to help understand and communicate who you are.



Career Design & Exploration

Where do you want to be?


  • Summarize your career expectations and learn more about career mapping.
  • Discover and describe what you want in your life and learn to communicate what you want.
  • Explore resources to help with your career search and create your vocation vision statement.
  • Assess vocations, careers, and jobs to decide what might be the best match for you.



Job Search Strategies

What do you need to do to get there?


  • Build your confidence by learning how to present yourself more successfully as a candidate.
  • Use career design and mapping strategies to compare and evaluate different job descriptions.
  • Create and refine your resumes and cover letters to highlight what makes you the best qualified.
  • Use insightful resources to more successfully navigate your job search.



Professional Branding

  • Create a high impact profile using LinkedIn.
  • Communicate your strengths through various professional networking and job search sites.
  • Grow your professional network.
  • Connect with strategies for finding your next great opportunity.



Interviewing Skills

  • Work with other participants to skillfully answer your most difficult interview questions.
  • Learn to more successfully communicate your skills, strengths, talents and experience.
  • Learn to evaluate how well you match the job descriptions for your desired positions.



Job Offer Negotiations

  • Evaluate your personal “gap analysis” for the job and make it work for you.
  • Maximize your career design and determine what is really important in that next offer.
  • Explore negotiation strategies and resources and learn what you are really worth in the market.

Job Search Bootcamp

Job Search Course Series – Workshops & Webinars

Career Coaching from a Hiring Manager’s Perspective

Attend a 6-class in-person workshop or webinar series with the above workshops featured in a series beginning in September, 2019.

The series includes 2 individual 30-minute coaching sessions with Sheila.


$ 290 Early Bird Registration – on or before 8/31/19

$ 350 Regular Price – as of 9/1/19

Individual classes are available based on availability (Click Schedule Appt)


Professional Branding with LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn for Job Seekers
  • LinkedIn for Optimizing your Business Presence

What kind of impression do you want to make?


Professional branding is the practice of marketing your career and business as a brand. It is the ongoing process of establishing an impression in the minds of others about who you are, and what services or products you provide.  It is how you show up in the world for your prospective employers, current employers, or clients and customers.


You have the opportunity to be strategic and intentional in creating your brand. These presentations help you to create a high-impact LinkedIn profile to increase your visibility, whether you are on a job search or connecting with potential customers. These presentations are offered to organizations and associations who want to support their clients and members in their LinkedIn professional branding efforts.


Contact Sheila to discuss how she can customize the presentations to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Training Program

Thriving in a Multi-Generational Workplace

This is a timely topic because currently there are five generations working together in the workplace.  These generations – The Great Generation or Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (Millennials, Echo Boomers), and Generation Z  – all have different expectations, values, perspectives, and relationships with communication, technology, and the concept of “work”, including management expectations and career paths.


This workshop is custom designed to meet the specific needs of companies and organizations. Workshops include interactive exercises and educational content incorporating generational differences, individual strengths, and effective communication strategies.  It is designed to help individuals recognize the value in differences and individual strengths, and how to use these for clear and positive communication to create a more cohesive work environment.


Contact Sheila to discuss facilitating this training program for your company or organization.

If you’re interested in having Transitions Coaching Services host a workshop, please contact us at

Career Workshops


With her diverse, professional experience, Sheila facilitates group workshops, training programs, presentations and consulting for employee engagement initiatives and recognition events.

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