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The hardest thing to overcome is feeling like you’ve done everything right, but realizing you aren’t getting anywhere. It’s not readily apparent what could be improved in your approach. It takes someone with experience in how the hiring and promotion process works internally. As a former HR Advisor, I’m uniquely qualified to share the inner workings about how candidates are picked for interviews and why they get hired.

The first step in making a positive change in your life & career TODAY join me for an event or workshop to jumpstart your career transition today!

Featured Presentations


These presentations are available for career / job search groups, workforce centers and organizations who would like to help their members level up in their careers.

Colorado Free University Online Workshops

Discover Your Dream Job: Find the Career That Suits You

Whether you are searching for a more fulfilling career, re-entering the workforce, or seeking an encore career, you need to find the right fit.


In this 3-part interactive workshop, you will learn to identify your strengths, clarify where you want to go, close any skill gaps you may have, and discover how to put together your resume.


Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to discover your dream job and find a career that truly suits you. Class starts on 1/10 so register today!

January 10 – February 7, 2022
Mondays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
January 10
January 24
February 7

Presentation 1

Saying “Yes” in a World of No’s and Black Holes – Get the interview, Get the offer

Are you looking for a new job and not getting anywhere?
Are you contemplating making a job change, but don’t know where to start?
Do you keep getting overlooked for promotions?


This one-hour presentation is filled with resources, tools and strategies to help you gain traction and momentum to help you finally move forward.




  • Leverage your Talents & Strengths into Action
  • DO New Job Search Strategies & Resources
  • Create Momentum in your Job Search


If you are interested in Sheila presenting for your organization, reach out to her directly at

Thursday, October 21

Presentation 2

Level Up: Visioning your Career Moving Forward

Did you know that approximately 1 out of 4 people will get a new job this year?


In this next stage of the pandemic, what do you truly want in your career?

Is it the right time for you to focus on what you love doing professionally?

Can you imagine a better life beyond your present-day experience?


The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone and given us an opportunity to reflect upon our lives and careers.


This one-hour presentation gives you an opportunity to explore how you want to create your professional life moving forward. We will do powerful visioning to ground and re-center our energy as we define the process of moving forward to help you to consider what this might look like in your near future.




  • Visualize your ideal experience of the future
  • Identify how you can bring more of this into your life
  • Make this vision more real by writing it in a way that clearly communicates your authentic desires and personal truth


If you are interested in Sheila presenting for your organization, reach out to her directly at

I understand how frustrating it can be to think you’re not living up to your full potential.

As your career coach, I create a space for you to be your true self and help to uncover who you really want to be without judgment. You can accomplish more, let’s talk about your unique goals in a complimentary coaching session. 


What you will learn in a complimentary coaching session:


  • If a career coach would be able to help you achieve your goals
  • What career potential do you hold
  • Am I the right coach for your unique needs
Sheila Clemenson, Career Coach

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