“I feel so fortunate that I found Sheila Clemenson at a time when I was ready to return to work full-time, but not sure how to make that happen. Job search strategies and interview techniques have changed a lot over the years. Sheila gave me the tools, support and coaching that I needed to apply for jobs, find my strengths, and interview with confidence. Three months after my first workshop, I was offered my dream job, negotiated a great salary, and have Sheila to thank for all of it!”


 –Elisabeth Comeau
Human Resources Representative, Integral Consulting, Inc.


Sheila Clemenson, through Transitions Coaching Services LLC, provides direction and support to Define, Create, and Refine the professional in you.


Services are offered as individual career coaching sessions, workshops and webinars, training programs, and presentations to meet the needs of clients and participants, as well as partnering companies and organizations.  We start from the inside out, by focusing on your strengths, values, talents, skills, interests, and what motivates you, to define what you bring to the table. Next, we focus on discovering where you want to be. Finally, we create and refine what you need to do to get there.

Career Coaching Sessions

Career Coaching is offered as individual sessions.

  • Choose from the menu of options.
  • Schedule a session with Sheila.
  • Complete the information form.
  • Pay in advance with PayPal.
  • Receive a confirmation with info for the session.
  • Within a day of completing the session, receive a summary with recommendations.


If you have questions or do not see a day/time that will work for you, please contact me.

Individual Sessions:

30 minutes – $60

60 minutes – $100

90 minutes – $150

Phone Practice Interview


Did you know it takes only 7 seconds to make a first impression, and that within 30 seconds to 1 minute the impression is already formed.  What kind of impression do you want to make?


Practicing your phone interviewing skills can improve your first impression and go a long way toward getting you an in-person interview. For the first half of your time together, Sheila is the hiring manager conducting your interview. The next 15 to 30 minutes are for review and suggestions. You will need to email your resume or invite Sheila to your LinkedIn profile and answer a brief questionnaire in preparation for your session.


(30 or 60-minute sessions)

Video Practice Interview


Employers are relying on video interviews now more than ever to screen candidates. Make sure you present well and have what it takes to interview in this medium. Sheila will be the hiring manager conducting your interview for the first half of your time together. The second half includes discussion, feedback, and suggestions. You will need to email your resume and/or LinkedIn profile and answer a brief questionnaire in preparation for your session.


(60-minute sessions)

Resume / Cover Letter Overview


Did you know Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) screen more resumes than hiring managers do today?


Do you want thoughtful feedback that creates results?  This session will cover a thorough review of your resume with suggestions to make it attract more of what you are searching for.


You will need to submit the following upon scheduling your session:


Job Postings for the last 3 positions you’ve applied for or you’re interested in applying for.

The 3 resumes and cover letters you’ve attached for these jobs or are planning to do so.


(60 or 90-minute sessions)

Professional Branding


Did you know 92% of recruiters and 50% of hiring managers will review your LinkedIn profile before they decide to interview you?

You need to create a high-impact profile on LinkedIn or other job networking site to get more prospects coming to you in search of the skills you offer. We will review where you are hitting and missing your mark in achieving your job search. A thorough review and suggestions will be provided, along with methods to ramp up the searches for your talents.


(60 or 90-minute sessions)

Career Portfolio


What do you bring to the table?


A career portfolio is a high-impact job search tool.  We will review and discuss what makes up your career portfolio and determine what you have to offer an employer.  Then, we will complete your “personal gap analysis” to clarify what you are missing for that next position. I’ll make suggestions and give recommendations to help you create what you need to move forward.



(90-minute sessions)

Career Portfolio Packages


In Person or Via Phone or Video Conference


This package begins with a complimentary 30-minute Career Portfolio Discussion to help Sheila understand your specific career needs and goals. Next, we develop a customized plan. By focusing on specific action items in each session, we put you on the right track.



(Four 90-Minute Sessions – $600)

VIP icon

Career Portfolio VIP Day


In Person Only

Recommended for “Job Search Boot Campers”


This one-on-one VIP session kick-starts your personal career or job search.  It’s packed with information, resources and strategies to get you moving forward and is intensely fast-paced. Package includes a 30-minute Career Portfolio Discussion.


Choose either a half day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours) with private room;  lunch and snacks are included.


(Priced according to session length and meeting location; $745 or $1490 standard rates)

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Interested in Attending a Workshop?


With her diverse, professional experience, Sheila facilitates group workshops, training programs, presentations and consulting for employee engagement initiatives and recognition events.

“Sheila helped me through a difficult time of transition, I had recently divorced and then left a job I loved. I was unsure of my next steps and Sheila was there to help guide me. She is very intuitive and knows how to get you thinking about things differently. I was stuck inside of what I had done for years and could not see past that – through my coaching with Sheila I was able to move forward and incorporate the things I love doing naturally with where my career had taken me. I am thankful to Sheila for her support and guidance and honored to call her a friend.”


– Nae
Plus a Free 30-minute phone consultation with Sheila.
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