Career Coaching Success Stories

She was amazing

“After 14 years in the same role with my company, I recently accepted a promotion. Because it had been some time since I had put in for a job or promotion of any sort, I felt it necessary to “sharpen my pencil” so to speak. Sheila was absolutely instrumental in me getting this opportunity and being able to rise above the rest of the applicants and get the job. Not only did she help me make sure I was checking all the boxes, she helped me build my confidence in feeling like I was the right candidate and had the skills and background to do the job. Sheila was right on point and had me feeling great about how I was approaching this opportunity in just a few short web meetings. I recommend her services to anyone looking to just “check and make sure” or if you need a deeper dive into how to get yourself ready to move up, or on. She was amazing. ”
– David
National Account Executive, Denver, Colorado

Amazing Insight & Ideas

“Sheila helped me with a career change and had amazing insight and ideas. Some of her suggestions were not things I had thought about – if you are thinking about a career change you definitely need Sheila to help guide you!”  – Lynae

I was offered my dream job!

” I feel so fortunate that I found Sheila at a time when I was ready to return to work full-time, but not sure how to make that happen. Job search strategies and interview techniques have changed a lot over the years. Sheila gave me the tools, support and coaching that I needed to apply for jobs, find my strengths, and interview with confidence. Three months after my first workshop, I was offered my dream job, negotiated a great salary, and have Sheila to thank for all of it! ”  – Elizabeth

I highly recommend Sheila

” Sheila was great to work with and provided guidance and support on networking with target companies, interviewing, and negotiating. She showed commitment and genuine interest in my success. I was especially grateful for her guidance during both the interview and negotiation phases of the job that I landed. She helped me build confidence going into the interviews, and she also provided great feedback on negotiating the initial job offer. I would have had a much lower chance of success getting my new job without Sheila’s help, and I highly recommend her to anyone that is seeking a coach to help them with their job search. ” – Turner

Extraordinarily Helpful!

“I have had the privilege of working with Sheila in a career coaching capacity and I have found her to be extraordinarily helpful as a career coach during a difficult time! I sincerely feel that any job seeker would be wise to bring Sheila on board and would benefit from her skills and enthusiasm.”

Victoria Sahami, Chief Operations Officer, Creating Space Detroit

Sheila is an inspiration!

” I cannot give enough positive affirmations about Sheila. She is an amazing influence professionally & personally. I worked with Sheila for over 5 years, and we formed a close friendship. She has ALWAYS approached every situation with positive intent. She takes every opportunity presented to her to coach, educate and learn from. Sheila is an inspiration! ”

My success, is yours, too!

” I have just signed an offer for an incredible position. It has been 12 years since I signed an employment contract. I am the new Director Marketing, Communications & Sustainability at an amazing startup venture investing in environmental projects to mitigate climate change. Everything you said was true. Your process works. Your work started me on this journey and I hope you can share LOTS of joy in my success, as it is yours, too. ”  – Amy

Sheila changed my life!

” Is it too much to say that Sheila changed my life? Her seminars and coaching helped me to identify my top talents, be able to translate that into a professional resume and cover letter, prepare for interviews, and have the confidence to present myself in a manner that was consistent with who I am and the career I want to pursue. And… I got my dream job! ” – Elisabeth

Sheila gave vital feedback

” I was unlucky enough to be between jobs when the pandemic hit and I reached out to Sheila to make sure that I was doing everything possible to find my next opportunity. Sheila gave me vital feedback about what I was doing, and what more I might do, in order to find the right position for me. I have since found a role where I can grow my skill set, take on leadership roles, and advance my career. I would not have been able to do it without Sheila’s insights and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone trying to make the next move in their career. ” – Nick

Sheila gave vital feedback

“After Sheila’s inaugural class, Lori wrote, “I found this class to be incredibly helpful and thought provoking. Sheila’s experience in HR, business and coaching allows her to bring invaluable insight to her program. She shares several tools relative not only to job searching, but soul searching, as you delve into your personal strengths, wants and needs to achieve your best work/life balance.  I highly recommend this course and am better for having taken it.”

Lori L

Sheila is a true gift!

” Sheila was instrumental in helping me navigate a toxic work environment, which ended in a layoff. Through my work with Sheila, I was able to remember my value, set clear goals, and really tap into what did and did not serve me in an employer. This work resulted in a 360 degree change in focus and profession, and a new outlook on life and what professional satisfaction and success really means to me. Sheila is a true gift – literally – she was my 50th birthday present to myself. I have recommended her to several friends and she continues to be a great cheerleader and friend to me! Give yourself the gift of Sheila! ”  – Sami

Extremely positive outlook

” I first connected with Sheila when I inquired about her Grief Coaching and Grief Recovery Program after the death of my husband. I began working with Sheila in 2007 in order to pick up the pieces of my life and move forward again. Through her intuitive coaching skills and her extremely positive outlook she was able to help me see how much more life still had to offer to me even through my grief. She has always been supportive, honest and caring in her approach. She truly cares about people fulfilling their life’s purpose. I would recommend Sheila to any person or company as her integrity is impeccable, her intuitive coaching skills are of the highest level, and her knowledge as a consultant/coach are immeasurable.” – Cindy

Energetic Coach

“Sheila embodies all the qualities you need in a Career Coach: knowledge, passion, energy, and unique ways to stand out from other candidates.  Sheila presented in January to the Boulder Net group her topic: Saying Yes-In a World of Black Holes and No’s. Outstanding content and a creative way to write your cover letter. She is an energetic coach and delightful during a one-on-one consultation. Up your game and have Sheila assist you!”

– Mary Kay M., MBA, Director of Business Development

She deeply cares about every client

“With Sheila on your team you can do anything! She is an amazingly encouraging and empowering person. She deeply cares about every client. She worked with me on interviewing skills, and I now have a solid framework I use on each interview. Also, she helped me tweak my resume and I’ve gotten to the final round with each application! She has continued to check in on me because she cares about my progress as a person. Can’t recommend her enough!”

– Kendle Butterworth

I understand how frustrating it can be to think you’re not living up to your full potential.

As your career coach, I create a space for you to be your true self and help to uncover who you really want to be without judgment. You can accomplish more, let’s talk about your unique goals in a complimentary coaching session. 


What you will learn in a complimentary coaching session:


  • If a career coach would be able to help you achieve your goals
  • What career potential do you hold
  • Am I the right coach for your unique needs
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