Top 3 Misconceptions Regarding Your “Ideal Salary”

There are many nuances when searching for the right job and identifying your ideal salary. As a Career Coach, I’ve seen time and time again how expectations regarding salary can negatively impact a great candidate in a variety of ways. Here are the top three misconceptions most people have regarding their ideal salary.

Top 3 Misconceptions Regarding Your “Ideal Salary”:

  1. Most people don’t know how compensation really works. Salary can be determined by many factors depending on your industry. Getting well versed in what your ideal job is worth in the current market can better allow you to set realistic expectations. Don’t make assumptions about what you’re worth. Do a little research to see what other people in similar roles are making. Websites like or can give some insight into what people like you were making in their positions. 
  2. Make sure you understand the factors you’re considering. Each job and industry has certain criteria for each position, and the salary offered is reflected based upon that. Knowing how to assess your skills and experience is crucial to properly align with the right job and the proper salary for you. 
  3. Know that your worth is not equal to just your previous salary.  Don’t undersell yourself and know what you are worth. Your skills and talents are special, and your unique abilities hold value. Knowing what you deserve and feeling confident in that will give you the push to never settle for less. This doesn’t just mean salary either, it is really the full compensation package that you want to look at the value of. What benefits do they offer, what is the work/life balance like, can you negotiate for more vacation time? Salary and benefits can come together to create the perfect compensation package for you. 

In the wake of COVID-19, the world has become a more expensive place, and companies are still struggling to find the right employees. Let this empower and inspire you on your quest for your ideal job! 

And if you’re local to Colorado, a new law was recently passed stating that you can not be asked what you are making right now or what you got paid in your last job. Knowing your rights is vitally important in ensuring that you are able to secure a job you love and get paid what you are worthy of.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed in your current job search, connecting with a career professional can really help you to understand what position would be best suited to you, and what salary would reflect that. Contact me today for a free mini-session to help you transition into the job of your dreams.

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