Staying positive in your job search?


Get your Mojo back – that’s short for more job interviews!

Here are my top 5 suggestions:


  1. Walk down memory lane and revisit nostalgic things you loved from your childhood
    When we reconnect with things from our childhood, we will often see our character values reflected back to us. Why were you so attracted to that particular superhero?  Does it remind you of your own “superpowers”?  What music did you love?  What games did you play?  Think about the things that brought meaning to your life when you were younger and see if this still brings back special moments or feelings that you want to recreate in your future.
  2. Read old cards, letters, emails or performance reviews of what others have shared about your wonderfulness
    When we’re feeling down or uncertain of our current success, it helps to reconnect with times when you’ve made an impact on others and been successful.  Thoughtful feedback you’ve received from others helps to reaffirm the differences you’ve made in the lives of others and outstanding things you’ve done.  And this may give you some demonstrated examples to use in your interviews.
  3. Do something frivolously fun that you wouldn’t normally do that puts a smile on your face or others
    Looking for a job is like having a full-time job.  It’s easy to get down about the cyber black hole that is a gloomy reality for all job seekers.  Take a break in your normal day-to-day routine to do something different.  Go to a park and ride on a swing.  Go to a different part of town to a new coffee house or treat yourself to something special that may be on your normal naughty list.  You deserve to indulge in doing something that makes you feel good that doesn’t get you into too much trouble.  Run through that sprinkler instead of walking around it and see how that person walking by you reacts!
  4. Watch a favorite comedy show or oldies, but goodies that really makes you laugh
    Do you remember the I Love Lucy Show when Lucy and Ethel worked in the chocolate factory?  They couldn’t keep up with packaging so they started eating the chocolates?!!!
    You may have a favorite Seinfeld episode or loved watching Friends….or another show that brought more laughter into your life.  Treat yourself by finding it online and take yourself less seriously.
  5. Reach out to one person who you admire and tell them why with a phone call, email, card, and LinkedIn or Facebook message.
    Do more “intentional acts of kindness” that help you to reconnect with those people you cherish.  Let your friends know you are in search of an awesome opportunity.  Yes, that can be tricky if your coworkers are your friends or connections, but reach out individually to key people who you know to be great networkers.  Remember to endorse your LinkedIn connections for skills they have and/or give them recommendations.  This may inspire them to do the same for you.  And if not, it’s not too forward to request and ask for them from people who can really speak to your level of awesome.

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