Launching Over the Rainbow – From the Depths of Grief to Hope

Every individual’s journey through grief is unique. But there’s a shared thread of hope and self-discovery that ties us all together. For those in the throes of grief, the world can feel overwhelmingly bleak, and the future uncertain. It’s during these challenging moments that resources and companions in the form of shared stories and guidance can become lifelines.

Over the Rainbow: From the Depths of Grief to Hope isn’t merely a book; it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the capacity for growth amidst pain, and the pursuit of a renewed sense of purpose in the aftermath of profound loss.

This heartfelt work is not just about moving through grief, but about harnessing its transformative power to shape a brighter future.

The very essence of the book emanates from Sheila Clemenson’s personal journey through grief.

After experiencing the devastating loss of her first husband, Grant, to ALS, she plummeted into what she eloquently refers to as the “grief pit.” But within that abyss, amidst the broken parts of her life, Sheila found a renewed purpose. It was her profound pain and journey through the labyrinth of loss that inspired her to pen Over the Rainbow: From the Depths of Grief to Hope – a beacon of hope for others traveling a similar path.



By holding onto their memory you can continue to have your own special relationship with your loved one. You can explore the new language your loved one might be using to communicate with you from the other side. What Sheila affectionately calls ‘rainbows’ – these are unexpected, awe-inspiring signs in your everyday life that guide your healing process, fostering a mystical connection that transcends your loss.

Over the Rainbow: From the Depths of Grief is a culmination of Sheila’s wisdom, a collection of personal anecdotes, insightful exercises, and supportive advice. It is structured to be your companion in grief, guiding you as you redefine your identity, establish boundaries, learn the nuances of forgiveness, and re-invite love and joy into your life.

More than a tool for self-discovery and healing, Over the Rainbow: From the Depths of Grief to Hope is an extended hand reaching out to you from someone who has walked this path, endured its trials, and emerged, renewed and resilient, on the other side.

As Sheila has articulated through her personal experiences and insights, even in the deepest depths of grief, there exists the potential for growth, change, and rebirth. It’s a message she passionately wants to share with the world, to assure those in sorrow that there’s a rainbow waiting on the other side of their grief.

Over the Rainbow: From the Depths of Grief to Hope officially launches on October 19th, marking a significant milestone in Sheila’s journey and her mission to support, encourage, and inspire those grappling with loss. 

You’ll be able to secure your copy on Amazon. 

As you turn its pages, may you find solace, understanding, and a path illuminated by ‘rainbows,’ leading you toward hope and healing.

My New Book is Available!

I have been busy writing a book to share my story through grief and loss, in the hopes that it will provide hope and comfort to others. 

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