Are You Ready For A Career Transition?

More people are willingly leaving their jobs,  in search of a career transition, now more than at any other time in recorded history. 

According to Forbes, “American workers are quitting their jobs more than any other time in the past two decades.” As a Career Coach, I am seeing more clients than ever looking to change jobs or industries, as they refocus on what matters to them and redefine what they want in their careers. 

Are you one of those people? Here are six signs that you’re ready to transition careers.

6 Signs That You’re Ready To Transition Careers:

  • You’re considering if your career is still a good fit: As we change and grow, the things we enjoy tend to change and grow as well. If you’re re-assessing whether your career is still in line with who you are and who you’re becoming, you might be ready for a career transition.
  • You’re thinking about doing something you have always wanted to do: One of my favorite parts of career coaching is helping my clients toward doing something they love. Whatever your dreamy job or ideal job is, it’s out there for you! I can help you explore the steps and gain the skills necessary to do what you want with your career.
  • You’re daydreaming about a different job: If your imagination is running wild over what you could be doing with your life, it may be time to start exploring it.
  • You’re wondering if there is more out there for someone with all of your skills: Whether you’re overworked or underpaid, there’s likely something better out there for your skillset. I can help you to explore your options and figure out what’s best suited to you. 
  • You’re tired of where you are and ready for something new: Whether you’ve just been there too long, or never really wanted to be there in the first place, if you’ve checked out, it’s time to go. Let’s see what’s out there for you that will have you feeling excited about your work again. 
  • You’re wanting a change of pace, benefits, or working conditions: Quality of life is so important, and there are many reasons why a career transition makes sense. Whether you’re lacking certain “non-negotiables” or are simply in search of something better suited to you, a career transition is worth considering.


If these sound like the thoughts in your head, then you may be ready for a career transition!


Contact me and I will help you map out the steps you need to take to land the career you have been dreaming of. Schedule an appointment with me here.


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