Are you motivated to live your best life?

Are you willing to say “No”, so you can truly say “Yes!”?

The climb to the top of Mt. Everest is on the bucket list for many die hard adventurers.  These enthusiasts are so focused and locked onto their accomplishment of this remarkable undertaking that some cannot fathom the decision to say “No” and go back when they reach “the point of no return”.   The point of no return is that moment in the climb when one much make the decision to go back to the lower altitude or risk inevitable death to the elements without reaching the top.  There are numerous stories of people who have died because they had invested so much – blood, sweat, tears and money – into this dream that they couldn’t turn back when the realization that they couldn’t safely make it was evident.

What motivates you? This complicated question unveils a multitude of answers for different people and it is impacted by time.  It is contingent on many different factors.

And it changes as people mature and grow.  Employers try to figure it out to maintain high engagement and productivity from their staffs.  What is internal versus external motivation?  If you’re internally motivated – the drive comes from within – the experience of positive emotions from being or doing what you do and who you are. External Motivation?  The drive comes from situations and things outside of you – money, power, status, prestige, etc.  Most people have a combination of these motivators.  In particular, there are motivated skills and values that with the right combination put you “in the zone”.  And when you are “in the zone” – you hit the bullseye nearly every time.  You are energized and happily doing what you love.  This is where most of us want to live!

I ask my clients, and I ask you “What are you willing to give up to get what you really want?”  It is important to contemplate what you are willing to say a resounding “No” to – in order to create the life you fully want to live.  Because there are always choices and options to consider.  Do I want to fit into my size 6 jeans?  Or do I want to eat that luscious brownie?  How disciplined can you be when you need to say “no” to those boundary pushers?  Or when you need to say “yes” – to getting less sleep because you want that certification or that opportunity that will give you a better life?   I ask you, “What if your life depended on it?”  Because it really does.

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